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what I do

My specialization


Empower development teams to ship products and feature updates faster. Made possible by harnessing the power of automation tools which diminishes delivery time.

Configuration Management

Define stable, performant ecosystems necessary for distribute system applications to thrive.

Infrastructure Design

Design cloud-native and microservice infrastructures based on requirements discussed and agreed upon with stakeholders.



Specialization course
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) - In progress

Re-affirmation of my understanding and command of the core domains governing managing Kubernetes infrastructures

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Validates experience and knowledge designing resilient, high-performing, secure and cost-efficient architectures

Academy course
B. Sc. Computing with Management Studies
University of Technology, Jamaica

Most memorable experience, my team received and award for our final year project submission on a biometrics solution for medical records services.


orderbird AG, Berlin, Germany

I joined orderbird AG as a DevOps Engineer in 2018. Since joining I have had the privilege to work on amazing projects. Most noteable are: re-engineering infrastructures and tuning noSQL databases. As a tech lead I guided teams to support the company's ambitious goals through technology.

RealDecoy, Kingston, Jamaica
Oct. 2018

At RD I supported developers in Canada, Jamaica and the USA. During my tenure I acted as lead systems advisor to external clients. Internally, I led the charge to revamp services such as, the HRMS and project management solutions utilized at the time. My final act was to jump start the DevOps culture and mindset.

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Life as a Techie

Time Summary

Curious what I've spent all that time working on? Like most persons in tech, the majority of the time is spent being awesome ^_^.
Here's how I'd summarize how my time has been spent over the years (in %age) as a techie.
Learning, Unlearning & Relearning
Applying what I've learnt
Migrating all the things
Being Awesome

Berlin, Germany

[email protected]

+1 872 241 1530

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